Sunday, August 22, 2004

Evenhanded Backhand

Some people are upset that Matt Yeglesias got angry, said some very harsh objectively true statements, and gave out a call to arms.

First of all Matt is a very well tempered blogger, and it is one of his goals to remain so. He is reasoned and civil to the point of agrivation. Secondly, everyone has their breaking point, and Matts just happened to be now. It took a lot to get there. What was it that broke the cammels back? A coordinated campain of black propaganda designed to undermine the candidate he's chosen to support fronted by a group of liars and run the presidents campain staff. This is something to be upset about. Even people on the other side can be upset about this, expecially veterans like John McCain. This is NOT normal politics. It shouldn't be like this.

The things Matt said about Bush are true. He has promoted criminals to high government positions; people involved in Iran-Contra. He obviously supports the adds. If McCain can come out and condemn them so can Bush. The truth hurts. Guess what Republicans, your candidate is an asshole. He's been a terrible president, and this rediculous ad campain is coming back to bite him in the ass. Listen. Can you hear? I'm playing the worlds smallest violin for you.

Lets get to the heart of the matter: conservative are upset that Bush isn't getting away with his usual Bullshit. Bemoaning the blowback as overly partisan and undemocratic is the icing on your double decker turd cake that's been baking for the last ten years. The reason boat has sailed. DLC Democrats were so bipartisan some of them were Republicans. But the Republicans shut them out. They berated and bullied and yelled on TV, radio, and in print. Now you want reason in the face of growing Democratic power? Tough shit. We don't have to listen anymore. As they've made perfectly clear time and time again the ruling party and administration don't deserve to be in power. No amount of reasoned debate is going to change that.

Also I'd like to say that its a rediculous idea that just because someone doesn't want to debate or argue an obvious point they're somehow beyond all hope. Its unreasonable to argue everything. Only philosophers argue everything. The evidence on the swift boat guys is out, and paraded around in print. We don't need to debate anymore. Its done. I don't want to have to have a debate about the nature of gravity everytime I trip. It's O.K. to accept somethings a priori. It is now a proven fact that the swift boat dudes for bush are liars. Therefore, I don't have to debate their bullshit anymore. Bush put people - like Poindexter, and Abrams from Iran-Contra - into his government. Therefore he's given criminals high paying government jobs. Whining that liberals aren't being evenhanded enough is just insulting. Saying that is just going to make someone more angry.