Sunday, August 29, 2004

Iran-Contra Part Deu

Everyone knows its cool to be retro and party like its 1986. I'm over here with my Voltron, you're over there imagining you're that chick in Flashdance, and those guys in the Pentagon are breaking laws and making back-ally deals that involve everyone's favorite theocractic Middle Eastern state. No not Afganistan, Iran! Now, maybe no one noticed when all those guys from Iran-Contra were given their jobs back. Hey thats cool, who read the news anyway? As long as they don't fuck things up too bad yeah?


This is one of those conspiracies that makes people believe the crazy ones. I don't quite get it all yet, but it all involves the neoconservatives in the pentagon, the war in Iraq, Iran, Isreal, Italian foreign intelligence service (wtf?), the forged documents that were used as evidence to show Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger, and the outing of a CIA agent. Anyway, go read this article from the Washingtom Monthly, and here from mid-east expert Juan Cole.