Thursday, August 12, 2004


Here in lies several threads that I need to vent on. Now. Before my brain tries to crawl out my nose and goes site-seeing in Central America. So what might have been 3 posts or so will be one. One very angry incoherent post full of spelling errors that I'm not going to correct.

  • Switf Boat Assholes
This is a bunch of guys who are pissed off that Kerry protested the war after he came back from killing a bunch of guys, getting shot at, and rescuing his crew mates. But you wouldn't know that from their ad. The exact phrasology they're using is gramaticly true. They're calling Kerry disshonest and unfit, because of all the horribley true things he said about what was going on in Vietnam when he came back and joined the anti war movement. But thats not the litteral truth one percives on a cold screening of the ad. It sounds like they're questioning Kerry's actual record. It sounds like they're calling him a coward and a liar for saying he killed a bunch of guys, got shot at, and saved some of his crew mates.

Oh is THAT how it came across? Goodness... It was an accident! I swear!

Its all bullshit. All of it. And they deserve every amount of derision you can muster up (if you're not completely exausted already). They couldn't come out and be forethright with their actual grievence, because well, people would start throwing things at them. I mean lets face it, Veitnam was fucked up. We killed a LOT of Vietnamese. Sometimes for no particular reason. We generally call things of that nature "War Crimes". And the fact that Kerry could then come back and join the antiwar movement and help bring the war crimes being comitted in Vietnam into the spotlight is yet another feather in his cap. The Swift Boat Verterans don't deserve to be involved in the political conversation. No more time needs to be wasted wading through this bullshit. It comes down to this: Kerry released all his records. They've been through the bullshit factory already and came out clean. If you have a problem with Kerry's record you need to take it up with the Navy. Medals aren't tootsie rolls. They are not handed out to fat kids dress like pirates or spiderman for festive treats on the hollidays. When say Kerry is lying about his record, what your really saying is the Navy is lying. Or your saying I don't like his politics and am trying fling around as much poo as I can and hope it sticks to something. Pick one. I don't care which.

  • Bush and His Record
This one is a little shorter. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with what Bush did to avoid service for Vietnam. Lots of people avoided service. My Dad went on a similar corse. He knew his number was going to get him drafted, he was in school, and he was very keen on not going to Nam. If he had gone, I might not be here. But you never know. Anyway, he joined the army and signed up to be an MP. And it all worked out. He got to travel around the country a bit, served his time, got money for school, got out when his time was up, and went back to school. But he did NOT want to go. He seriously considered going to Canada to avoid being drafted. So no problem. You don't have to be a big military hero to be president. In fact its one of the good things about the office. But he won't admit that what he did was skipping out of combat. He trys to play off being in the Texas AIR national guard is all manly and heroic. Charlie don't serf George. So not only is he bullshiting his way out of service, but he's also bullshiting about how honorable and true his band of brothers moment really was. All he had to do was say, "Vietnam was fucked up. I didn't want to go and die for no reason." I can accept that. If he wanted to be couragous AND not serve he should have been with his fellow students burning his draft card. But he didn't do that either. He was playing the system trying to weasle out of the duty he was assigned after being bumped to the front of a long waiting list. He was staying in a rented house with his buddies and makng sure the commies weren't tampering with the beer suply. So Bush no longer gets a pass on Vietnam. Kerry: Served in combat and did the right thing after he came back by supporting the antiwar movement. Bush: Assigned to Texas Air National Guard, specificly stated that he did NOT want to go into combat, and then hoodwinked the system and went off to spend the next few decades doing nothing in particular.

  • Stem Cells and religion.
I'm an athiest. I don't believe in souls, or the divine, or anything like that. So imagine this debate from my perspective. You're trying to tell me that a microscopic cluster of cells should not be destroyed for research because its the same thing as killing a person. So instead we should destroy it or let it degenerate naturally since its never going to be inceminated and brought to term. Thats what this debate sounds like. This is what it sounds like to a great many scientists who want to do research into a very promicing field but can't because they can't get money from the govermnet to experiment on something thats going to be destroyed anyway. Idiots. Explain this little story to people dying of Althimerz. Oh wait, they can't understand you because they're DYING OF ALTHIMERZ WHILE THEIR FUCKING BRAIN ROTS AWAY. IDIOTS. Explain this little story to the embryo. Oh WAIT. Its a fucking cell cluster that's too small to see with the naked eye thats going to be destroyed anyway thanks for asking. And even if these exess embryos weren't going to be destroyed my tune wouldn't change. Ask the guy who needs a new liver if he'd rather have a new liver or no liver but be secure in the knowledge that by golly no microscopic globule people will have been aniallated out of existence. Instead they'll be frozen for all eternity or maybe disintagrate out of existence natrually. If you want to argue that humanity begins at fertilaziation you've got some serious issues to work out. Lets take this to its logical conclution. All abortions would be out of the question and Illegal. Miscariges could become murder investigations. Did a pregnent mothers intentional physical activity cause the death of the embryo featus? Did someone's assault result in a miscarrage? Suits and charges could be brought on behalf of the featus/embryo. The idea that a woman's body is her own is mutually exclusive. Absolutely insane. Oh yeah and no artificial incemination. We shouldn't be creating all those extra embryos in the first place right? 5 babies at one time? (WTF is wrong with you?) And people think my conception of humanity is nihalistic. If a cluster of cells is human where is value in that? A cell has no sense of self. It don't feal hate, courage, or love. Cells can't learn and have no memory. A cell can't crawl, walk, babble, speak, or write a novel. A cell can't build a bridge, or create art, or formulate mathamatics. All these things are what humans do. Even children. Even babys. But not cells. Nor not month old featuses. Religion is going to loose this debate. Even without government funding reaserch is being done. And outside the US lots more research is being done. When the breakthroughs are made people are going to find out that they like having their Diabetis cured. They'll enjoy the new limbs and organs. Babies, children, and adults who have lives and friends and families are going to care more for each other than a cell that could someday possibly be - given enough time, money, technology and energy - what they are at this moment. Shit if an embryo is a human being then a block of marble is a sculpture. A Paper cup is a small soda. I know beliefs can be strong but your religion has no place in the physical world.

All this brings me to my next screed. Religion needs to change in the face of science. NOT the other way around. If Albert Einstein says mas can be converted into energy and that gravity warps space and time you better fucking believe it. Letting religion dictate what science can do or say puts the whole idea of science on its head. If you don't think general reletivity or quantum mechanics are common sense or pass the laugh test why bother with science at all? Well there is all that medical technology, and electricity and what not. That stuff is ok I suppose.
Religion still has not fully adjusted to being relegated to the roll of strict moralistic idealism. Wayback when there was no science religion got the whole spectrum. It dictated everything. It told you not only how to act, but how to see the world and how it worked. It was up to the people who created the great beliefs to explain the world to their adherents. If you start with a small group of core assertions about the world its easy to make shit up from there. More chairitably, there was no other way to explain our experiences. So rather than building a system around something they knew nothing about, they created meaning, purpose, and cause in their minds. But then science came along and started making all these claims that made no sense at all through the eyes of religion. Some claims were outright contradiction. So religion pushed back with stronger dogma. But dogma can't make an apple fall to the ground. Science makes emperical claims that describe what we actually experice. Religion can assert anything it wants to but has NO ability to make any kind of emperical claim. Religion begins in the mind and thats where it belongs. No doubt after tens of thousands of years it might be a hard habit to break. But its something that needs to happen and the quicker the better. I hate flossing creationists out of my board of education.

Uhng So incoherent... I need a nap.