Friday, September 10, 2004

Hey It Only Took 18 Months

From This Is Rumor Control:

ABC's Nightline will be taking a bold step tonight at 11:35 pm by revealing the media's "dirty little secret" of not reporting how horrific war really is. By failing to show the truth about war's deeply disturbing images, has the media made war too easy to accept? Nightline will grapple with the question of how far the media should go in protecting viewers from real life images of war, atrocities and terrorism. Would our nation learn a different lesson from reporting the truth? Nightline intends to stretch the envelope beyond the confines set by the administration and military to shield the public.

A caution to viewers. Nightline will present graphic images never shown before on television. Even the producers are torn over what to air and what is too disturbing for anyone to watch. Take heed.

Anyone that's seen Fahrenheit 9/11 already has an idea of the disconnect of tone and accuracy the coverage from the reality. I'll be watching this all the same. Everyone should but war advocates have a particular duty to do so. If there was any justice in this world war supporters from all ages and all places should be forced to see exactly to what the consequences of their support have brought to those far away places.

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