Friday, November 05, 2004

Worse Than Useless

Rohrabacher and Cox.

Oh maaaaan... At least someone had fun on tuesday.

I went to bed thinking that hey at least they won't concede until every vote is counted this time. Boy was I surprised when I woke up.

The first lesson that the Democrats should have learned after last year was to fight; fight until you're dead. Gore lasted longer than this. Pathetic. It was a long shot but Kerry could have least made a show out of it. Show that he was willing to go all the way to defend his party and his people.

No presidency and lost more of congress. Uhg. Its great Obama won, but he was running against Alan Keys, the craziest stooge the Republicans have.

I watched Kerry try to out conservative Bush during the debates. What was he doing? Why are you trying to appeal to conservatives? What is your platform? What are you doing? People don't trust Democrats to implement a conservative agenda, and with good reason. They have Republicans for that. It isn't about tactics, its about substance. Even this year the media noise was all about how the two candidates are the same. When are they going to get it? In an election between a fake centrist conservative and a real conservative they're going to pick the real one.

The Democratic party needs to dump the centrists and the technocrats like hot rocks; like YESTERDAY. They didn't want to win. They abandoned their constituents and betrayed the trust of the new political apparatus that was built to put them in power. If the power of a global network that can raise millions of dollars and can run attack and defense for you for FREE can't put you in power, NOTHING will. EVER. Neolibralsim needs to DIE. Now. It needs to die as dead as paleolibralism.

Politics as a consumer culture needs to die. While the Democrats are wasting elections trying to find the particular flavor of centrism that people want, the Republicans are consolidating their power.

There was no fatal mistake that would have saved Kerry. He lost by millions of votes. Edwards couldn't have done it either. He's another conservative Democrat. He would have been tarred as inexperienced, or not religious enough, or too gay friendly, or SOMETHING. Hillary wouldn't do any better nor would any of the other goof balls holding their tails between their legs.

The third way, the new way is the way of neomodernism, the way of the reality-based community. Democrats need to stop lying and face reality. The reality is that we are facing an energy crisis. We cannot afford our current lifestyle for much longer. The world is going to become more and more hostile to us as we try to grab and burn as much oil as we can. It will happen even faster if Iraq slips into chaos, which is likely. Our threat of invasion will no longer be credible. Democrats need to field people who understand this. People who will lead instead of pander, and who will fight for civility instead of giving in to insanity.

Modern democrats will have to show people that the old America, America as the only super power is a myth, and a lie. They will show people a better way to live. They will create an America that has a future instead of selling a doomed future to pay for the present. To get that party requires sacrifice. The current party has shown it is not up to that task and chooses instead to lie to its constituents and continue on the current path to insignificance. Being a liberal is more than health care and government programs. Its about fighting for justice on all fronts. These Democrats will not fight and they are not liberal. Throw them out.